Walkers, Cyclist and Horse Riders – do you know about the Countdown to 2026?

Kirklees Bridleways Group is committed to protecting and preserving the bridleways network. Working together we can ensure that routes used by horses in the past, and now by cyclists and walkers, are accurately recorded and reinstated on the Kirklees Definitive Map as safe off-road routes to ride, cycle and walk.

Just because you currently use a route doesn’t mean it is recorded and protected from extinguishment. That’s a frightening thought as there are some areas with very few recorded routes and 2026 is closer than you think – we are already more than half way there and if Kirklees Council continues to work at the same pace as it has over the last ten years we will lose many of them. In fact Kirklees Council has passed only two applications to add bridleways to the Definitive Map since 1996!!

In order to identify and reinstate ‘at risk’ routes we need help from local bridleway users to secure evidence of use of tracks in our area. If you want to know more, Kirklees Bridleways Group Facebook page is kept up to date with information about activities such as bridleways clearing, (in cooperation with, and by permission of, Kirklees Council), as well as downloadable evidence forms for bridleways which are currently being claimed for addition or reinstatement on the Kirklees Definitive Map.