Volunteer Garden Co-ordinator wanted for Almondbury Library

Volunteer Garden Co-ordinator wanted for Almondbury Library
Do you know somebody who would be interested or know somebody who could be interested?

Almondbury Library Friends Association needs a Garden Co-ordinator. The garden is being developed for community use. This is a small scale task currently being undertaken by the Duke Of Edinburgh Group (children with adult supervisors).

We need somebody who would like to be involved with this project, and put in an appearance occasionally when the DOE are there to make them feel appreciated. To be fit enough to do a bit of gardening occasionally and to take on the task of enrolling a couple of garden volunteers. There isn’t a lot of work to do. However, as we are trying to develop the garden, occasionally there could be more work for a few days now and then. Not much happens in winter! The applicant would be expected to attend Committee meetings (approx 10 a year always on a Saturday morning), and Development Group meetings (approx 10 a year, weekday – optional).

I will interview applicants at the library garden (10-15 minutes).

Please contact me if interested.

Thank you
Helen Cronin