The Great Huddersfield Cleanup




Huddersfield news outlet organising mass litter-pick

Looking for more volunteers and support

Huddersfield Times Ltd recently announced The Great Huddersfield Cleanup (GHCU), a community event. The GHCU invites people to sign up to litter-picking in key points identified as litter hotspots on the routes into the town centre, over the 3-day end of May Bank Holiday weekend.

Community groups, charities, businesses, schools, nurseries, families and individuals are encouraged to sign up, whether for an hour or a day or two, to enable large areas to be cleared of litter. 

“ came about after writing about a number of small community litter-picking groups doing fantastic work in their local areas,” says Kim, one of the volunteers at Huddersfield Times. “I couldn’t help but think, wouldn’t it be fantastic to see what these groups could achieve if they pooled their efforts!”

Jonathan Evans, editor at Huddersfield Times, said “We are very excited for the Great Huddersfield Cleanup. 

At Huddersfield Times, we are proud to support our local communities in lots of different ways. The GHCU will be a wonderful way to work together to make our beautiful town look the best it can for summer.  We would also like to thank all the volunteers and local organisations who are donating their time, money and resources to the initiative.”

It is hoped that the GHCU will;

  • Have a positive impact on the appearance of routes into the town centre
  • Encourage more visitors to the town centre, thus benefiting businesses – ideally this will encourage town centre (and surrounding) businesses to participate, be that through promoting the event, joining the litter-pick, or assisting with required consumables
  • Improve the habitat for urban wildlife

It could be a great opportunity for fundraising for individual causes, such as a group of students asking for sponsors ‘by the bag’ for their chosen charity.  

The GHCU will be running over the end of May Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 29th – Monday 31st of May.  Kirklees Council will be assisting by putting temporary road closures in place in areas where it would not be safe to access otherwise, as well as loaning out litter-grabbers, and arranging ‘collection points’ for bags of litter.

A number of community groups are already onboard with the event, and a local PPE company has kindly donated items to assist.

For more information on The Great Huddersfield Cleanup, visit or email .


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