Tesco Bags Scheme

Tesco bags of Help community grant scheme recent changes:
Voting will now take place over a 2 month period starting 1st March 2017
Amounts have changed – the maximum you can now apply for is £4k (minimum £1k), if you come 2nd you will still receive up to £2k and if you come 3rd you will still receive up to £1k
Project criteria have changed and now you can apply for funding for the following:
Improvements to community buildings
Improvements to outdoor spaces
Buying new kit or equipment
Training coaches and volunteers
Hosting community events
Supporting seasonal activities
Simplified application form
Applications can still be made at any time

To access information about the new scheme please use this link:http://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/tescocommunityscheme/pages/Category/boh-grant-for-project-tes