S2R – The Great Outdoors Project Re-launches Tuesday Workdays

S2R – The Great Outdoors Project Re-launches Tuesday Workdays

10:30 – 13:30 weekly at community locations all across Kirklees

If you are looking for a taste of what outdoor volunteering might be like in a friendly supportive environment then get in touch with S2Rs The Great Outdoors project and we will invite you to join our workdays at a variety of community sites around Kirklees where you will be helped to get the best out of the experience. Also if you are active in your community, part of a friends group or something of that sort and have a bite sized piece of work that our workdays might help address then get in touch and we can discuss including your project in our schedule. The offer is open across Kirklees and we will do our best to spread out the good work.

Why are workdays so good for us?

Working outdoors can help with all of the 5 ways to wellbeing. Connect with other volunteers, be active digging, clearing and cutting back. Keep learning new skills like planting and tool use. Take notice of the place you are in and the difference you have made by giving some of your time and skill to help make Kirklees a better place to live.

We will post our upcoming workday locations on the S2R Create Space facebook page and you can find out more about this and other S2R projects at www.S2R.org.uk
for more information call Jason Kerry on 01484 451710 or email Jason@anti-particle.com