Writing a marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is a high level document which might cover a few years and your plan details how you will execute the strategy; it will generally be detailed and cover a shorter time period.  NB even some of the expert sites seem to get muddled by the terms strategy and plan and you will sometimes see a strategy referred to as a plan.  If you google “how to write a marketing strategy” you will find lots of articles and examples.  Here a couple of the best:

  1. A good overview of how to write a Marketing Strategy from Zoe Amar.
  2. For a more in depth view of writing a marketing strategy here a “7 Steps to creating your best marketing plan ever” – this is definitely an outline for a strategy document though, not a plan!

It’s great to have a strategy and a plan since these can really help guide you in what you should be saying, when you should be saying it and how you should be getting it out there.


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