Kirklees Council Support For Natural Kirklees

Natural Kirklees was created in order to coordinate activities both;

  • between voluntary groups and;
  • between those groups and Kirklees Council

– to produce the best possible outcome for everyone in preserving and making best use of our physical and natural environment.

Recognising the value that voluntary groups bring to the community, Kirklees Council supports Natural Kirklees in many ways;

  • by taking an innovative approach to organisation questions;
  • by finding ways to give us access to council resources and capabilities that would not otherwise be available;
  • by recognising our voice as representing many local residents and working with us to achieve common goals;
  • and by contributing to our finances – recognising the real value that the work of voluntary groups contributes to the Kirklees environment.

We would like to recognise that the flexible approach taken by Kirklees is a frequently invisible and unsung resource supporting Natural Kirklees and the voluntary groups who are our members.

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Kirklees Shares

Kirklees Shares is designed to help local organisations of all kinds to share resources, build connections and get things done.

The aim is to help good things happen between local businesses, community groups, charities and public sector organisations. Sign up for free and you can ask for help or let people know about any spare resources or skills that you are happy to offer.

It’s a simple formula: share what you have, get what you need.

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Kirklees Local Plan

The Kirklees Local Plan consultation shows all types of proposed designated green space, including Local Wildlife Sites, Local Geological Sites, the district Habitat Network, parks, allotments, etc. For more details or to comment on the Local Plan go to…..

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Stay Connected

Sign up for Kirklees Council’s Stay Connected to receive information on the things you care about. From what’s on bulletins, latest news and family life, to alerts on planning applications near your home, you pick what you’re interested in and receive an email alert.

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