General HR help from Pay and Employment Rights Service

The Pay and Employment Rights Service (PERS) is the “go to” organisation for support on HR and legal issues.  They currently charge from £225 per year for membership but this gives you free access to an advice line and lots of template for official forms.  It could well be worth joining up if you are just about to start an organisation or are employing your first staff.

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Free HR advice from the Cranfield Trust

Cranfield is a Business School and the Cranfield Trust offers free HR advice to members of its free network “HRNet”.

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The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has a great Voluntary Sector online network which you can join for free.  This will enable you to take part in online forums with national and international experts, contribute to discussions and benefit from the knowledge of others.  The paper also publishes news from the sector.

If you are employing staff at a mid to high level then the Guardian is a good place to advertise charity jobs.

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Third Sector – online magazine

The Third Sector website has a wealth of useful information for the charity sector; from advertising jobs in the sector to being a “go to” website for current news on the sector.  It’s worth considering advertising here if you are looking to employ in the sector since many people subscribe to receive job updates.

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