Setting up – choosing and organisational structure

There are a number of different organisational structures for not for profit organisations.  Here are two of the best resources on how each structure differs:

  1. The Charity Commission
  2. KnowHow NonProfit
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When you are appointing new trustees it is useful to let them know what the role entails.  Here are a few resources you might use:

  1. The Charity Commission information is pretty definitive on the role of a trustee.
  2. The Reach website also has good information.
  3. And finally a more prosaic summary from The Guardian.
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The Charity Commission

The Charity Commission is the independent regulator for charities in England and Wales. Its overall mission is to ensure that charities work effectively amongst society for the benefit of the public.  Their website has recently moved to be hosted by government.

This is where you will go to set up a charity and there is also a wealth of information on organisational structures, regulation and guidance for trustees.

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