Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group is a small team of 5 local residents who go out in the Ravensthorpe area to try and improve our green spaces.

In 2019 the group collected 515 bags of litter and several vans of fly tipping. We are able to do what we do with help and advice from Kirklees volunteer Coordinator Andy Goff and Dewsbury Country Park Ranger Peter Banks. Kirklees Parks and open spaces and Streetscene staff help us too.
Thanks for help from Transformers North, Community Payback, Support2Recovery and all the other community groups who joined us. Also the local residents who have come along to our sessions
We have planted 1000’s of bulbs of daffodils, crocus, tulips, snowdrops and alliums across the area including Park Road, St Saviours churchyard and Holroyd Park with Diamond Wood eco council and teachers.
Kirklees Children’s Forest has been one of our main areas of work. Over the year we removed 128 bags of litter and filled several vans with fly tipping. We planted meadow flowers and bulbs and have created sight lines throughout.
At Clarkson Street Green Corridor we collected 81 bags and fly tipping. We planted meadow flowers and bulbs.
We cleared the small wood by Garden Terrace. In two sessions we removed 51 bags of litter and several items of fly tipping.
In Dewsbury Country Park we have planted and thinned out trees, litter picked, planted bulbs and worked with corporate groups, helped out at a bio blitz and with visiting schools.
All of our work will continue through 2020 and with your help we can achieve much more and work in other areas around Ravensthorpe. We have some fantastic green spaces which we hope you will go out and enjoy!
We hope you can join us.