Public Rights of Way map now available to view

You can now search for public rights of way on the Kirklees Council  website.  Below is a link to the new prow map on the Council website.  Select the text ‘Search for a public right of way’ as shown below.

This then requires the declaimer to be selected, this should then change from I accept to Accepted.  This may take a few moments while the map in being loaded.

The map is then shown if you scroll down the screen.  Select ‘View full screen map’.  The map should now be loaded.

The website now has a better base map, some historic mapping and a range of aerial photograph.  These are available from the drop drown as shown below.


As well as the recorded rights of way, we are now including changes to the definitive map.  These are available as selectable map layers and further information is available by clicking on the coloured lines on the map.  If using on a mobile device, selecting the box with the grid reference to show this information

Diversion/Extinguishment shows diversion applications received, path diversion orders that have been made, but have not been confirmed and extinguishment applications.  These are shown in the key above.

DMMO Claimed shows the definitive map modification order applications (DMMO) and modification orders that have been made

If the website is used on a mobile device, and the location software is turned on, selecting the small compass symbol at the right hand side of the address box (as shown below), will centre the map at the current location.


If you previously searched the old website by path number, this is now entered in the postal code, name or address box instead.  If you know the path number, enter the first 3 letters of the parish, then /, then the path number, then /.  Eg Huddersfield 33 is entered as hud/33/.  This will return 3 links for this path.  The second / is entered to reduce the number of items return.  If not, this would return hud/333, hud/334. Hud/335 etc.  This search should be available for all recorded rights of way.


cid:image002.png@01D5C9EB.6BF0AC10 cid:image012.png@01D5D84F.DBAC3610

The address search has also been amended.  Clicking in the address box will allow the grid reference to be entered and the map centred on this.  The coordinates must be entered in the full 12 figure grid reference and are entered as 6 in each box X – Y.  Most grid references in Kirklees will start 4 and 4 at the beginning of each of the X and Y coordinates.

If you normal use a 6 figure grid reference of 146 182, please add the 4 at the front and we suggest 55 at the end.  This would convert to 414655 418255, in the example below this would centre the map on Flint Street


At present this grid reference option may not available if you are using it on some mobile devices

If you have any queries or questions please email