Plants for sale

Hello Everyone,

We have had a kind offer from Tim Grace of Mirfield In Bloom.

Due to the cancellation of this years “In Bloom” competition they find themselves with a surfeit of plants and are offering them to groups at cost. Details below,

” It’s Tim Grace here from Mirfield in Bloom.
Unfortunately Britain in Bloom is cancelled this year which is a big blow to us as we had Pre booked bedding plants and were more prepared than in our previous two years.  Although we will try to plant the town centre areas, we will have a large number of plants spare, I wonder if other groups may be looking for Summer bedding, I could deliver  and of course they will be at cost price as we order them directly from the growers (Earleys at Thirsk).

If anybody is interested if they contact me on 07775672662 I will give them details.

You may know that I also have a hardy plant nursery at Mirfield Knowlpark Nurseries. We are a wholesale nursery and already supply some of the members (e g Friends of Beaumont Park and Crow nest Park).  I wondered if we could help with Supply of plants to other groups, we grow trees , shrubs , herbaceous and compost/ bark we can deliver if required.  We have (or did have before Coronavirus), Regular deliveries from our Dutch friends, so can supply most items)

Contact for Knowl park is Dianne 01924492645”

A very good offer indeed, anyone interested please contact Tim Grace or Dianne on the Numbers above.
More updates to come.

Stay safe