Insurance Scheme

The Insurance scheme has been negotiated with our brokers, Griffiths and Armour and is available to full, constituted members of Natural Kirklees.

Activities Covered

The policy will provide cover for conservation activities such as, but not limited to;

  • Litter picking
  • Removal of larger items of rubbish from water courses using grappling hooks
  • Wading in water up to 1 meter deep
  • Working from small boats and canoes
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Removal of invasive plant species by hand pulling (e.g. Himalayan Balsam)
  • Vegetation management using hand tools
  • Tree planting
  • Path clearance and maintenance
  • Tree and bulb planting
  • Meadow and scrub management
  • Building and installing bird/bat boxes
  • Pond management
  • Coppicing, tree cutting and pollarding (tree felling – trunk diameter no more than 15cm)
  • Using hand tools – loppers, bow-saws, billhooks
  • Using strimmers and powered hedge cutters (NOT CHAINSAWS)
  • Painting tasks
  • Boardwalk maintenance
  • Meetings
  • Guided walks
  • Events (less than 500 people)

Level of Cover;

  • Employers liability £10,000,000
  • Public liability £5,000,000
  • Personal accident – benefit provided
    • Accidental death £20,000
    • Accidental loss of one limb or eye £12,000
    • Permanent total disablement £20,000
    • Temporary total disablement Up to £50 / week
    • Temporary partial disablement 50% of normal salary

Covid 19

From 19th September  2020 the following exclusion applies to all policies – please be aware

The Policy does not cover loss, destruction or damage, or any costs or expenses of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly occasioned by, arising from, caused by, happening through or in consequence of, or otherwise attributable to:
A) Coronaviruses
B) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19);
C) Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
D) Any mutation of or variation of A), B) or C) above;
E) any infectious disease that is designated or treated as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation
F) Any fear or anticipation of A), B), C), D) or E) above

Additional Cover

The following additional cover is available if required but must be paid for by the individual group.

  • Chainsaw cover (individual – a copy of the appropriate licence must be produced) £55 per person
  • Tool and equipment cover – £5000 cover, £50 excess, £2500 max single item – £43.80


To apply for the cover the group must be a full member of Natural Kirklees, registered on our website directory and agree to receive the Newsletter. If you haven’t applied for membership please do so prior to submitting the insurance application form
Natural Kirklees will clarify any issues with your group and liaise with the brokers to commence cover.

The cost of basic cover will be borne by Natural Kirklees. Any additional cover requested will initially be paid for by natural Kirklees on the understanding we reserve the right to recharge the group for the additional cover.

Start Date

Please note that the insurance scheme runs from the 19th September each year for one year, groups joining after that date will receive pro-rata cover until renewal in September the following year and any extra cover arranged will be charged on a pro-rata basis until renewal.

Groups wishing to renew in September will receive a full 12 months cover from that date.

The brokers will forward certificates to the member of the group indicated on the insurance application form. Alternatively email  to notify us of any changes to the details or contacts of your group.

If you believe you are covered and have not received a certificate for the current year (or by 1st October following renewal), please inform us immediately .

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact