Healthy Holidays Programme Summer 2021

Following Government announcements of increased funding, I am setting up two new contact lists regarding the Healthy Holidays Programme Summer 2021:

  • A general comms list – for those of you who want to receive updates
  • A list of potential delivery partners – I want to ensure you have immediate information about funding opportunities as they arise.


Please reply to this message if you want to be included in either of the lists.

Obviously in Summer we would love to be running face to face clubs with children and young people across the district but we don’t yet know whether this will be possible or, even if it is, what restrictions might be in place. For now, potential delivery partners should consider planning your offer in terms of the three different scenarios:

  1. RED: FULL LOCKDOWN – Activity and food packs and online activities only (apart from targeted essential group work with vulnerable children- run by professional youth workers only i.e. where you have a level 2, 3, 6 or 7 Youth Work qualification)
  2. AMBER: COVID RESTRICTIONS TIERS 1-3  – Mix of Face to face activities, indoors and outdoors, in restricted bubbles of 6 – 15 children/young people as well as activity and food packs and online activities
  3. GREEN: NO RESTRICTIONS – Face to face holiday clubs for up to 30 children aged 8-13 and workshops/holiday camps for young people 14+ as well as provision aimed more at school aged children aged 4-7 and their carer.

This Summer’s programme is going to be massive! Make sure you’re signed up to be part of it!

Regarding Easter, it is looking unlikely that unrestricted face to face provision will be allowed. I am therefore interested to hear from anyone who might want to run online provision or who has systems in place to run outdoor activities for bubbles of children/young people (an email outlining what you’d like to deliver and where). I have also attached a draft specification for the production of activity packs for Easter. Please note the deadline for submission for the activity packs is 5pm Thursday 11 February (to ensure time for ordering supplies and making the packs up).

Look forward to hearing from you


Susan Greenwood| Programme Manager

Kirklees Youth Alliance CIO

Brian Jackson House

2 New North Parade




Twitter Susan_KYA

Facebook @KirkleesYouth

M 07776588696

Registered Charity number 1191927


Specification for activity packs for Easter Holidays

Key Dates:

Easter Holidays Two weeks between Monday 29 March and Friday 9 April
Packs to be distributed by schools to families Week commencing Monday 22 March
Packs to be taken by KYA from production sites to Schools Between Thursday 18 March – Wednesday 24 March
Packs need to be packed and ready By Thursday 18 March
Packs to be prepared Wednesday 10 March – Wednesday 17 March
Supplies need to be ordered by Wednesday 17 February to give you 3 weeks delivery window
Final budget sign off Tuesday 16 February
Final Numbers need to be provided to Pack creators Tuesday 16 February
Decision communicated Friday 12 February
Submission required By 5pm Thursday 11 February


Key considerations:

You must be a registered charity or other not for profit organisation based and operating in the Kirklees area e.g. CIO, CIC, charitable trust
You must be able to produce a minimum of 500 packs adhering to the timescales above You will need access to premises to be able to safely make and store the packs
Your organisation must have the appropriate insurance cover in place (employers, public and buildings & contents)  
Packs must be designed and prepared in accordance with the COVID 19 restrictions that are in place at the time A COVID 19 action plan will need to be submitted (advice can be found here: )
Packs must provide either

1)     “Enrichment” e.g. something creative

2)     Nutritional education

3)     Items to encourage physical exercise

Packs should be aimed at school and college age children aged 4-18


Packs must be easily transportable Packs will be transported by van and should be easy to stack in groups of 5 or 10 e.g. in cardboard boxes
Packs must be easily identifiable (if you are making more than one different type e.g. junior packs and senior packs, they must be labelled)
Packs must not contain perishable materials


Perishable foodstuffs, other items with short shelf life
Packs must not contain materials that can easily cause injury


e.g. glass, metal with sharp edges
Packs must not contain materials that will easily cause damage e.g. felt tip pens without secure lids,
Packs must be as sustainable as possible e.g. Packed in paper bags rather than plastic, equipment sourced from UK manufacturers (the more local the better), decent quality so that they last
Packs must be as accessible as possible Any images of people should reflect the diversity of the Kirklees population.

There should not be a gender or cultural bias etc.

You should consider the accessibility for children with additional needs.


Each pack must contain:

  1. Contents list
  2. Clear, simple instructions (links to online tutorials and additional resources are desirable but not essential)
  3. Evaluation postcard or similar – either with links to an online evaluation questionnaire or a FREEPOST address for those that are digitally excluded. Questions should capture a star rating out of 5 for the pack and a “What difference has this pack made?” type of question as a minimum.

Each submission must contain:

  1. A bit of blurb about the proposed pack. What type of pack it is and what it will contain. No more than 50 words.
  2. A clear budget breakdown including planning costs, staffing costs, unit cost of pack items (this may be a range of different costs depending on quantities e.g. 100, 500, 1000 or 2000)
  3. Full postal address of where the packs will be made (this will also be the address where the packs are collected from ready to be distributed to schools).
  4. COVID 19 Action Plan i.e. a statement on how you will ensure you will adhere to COVID restrictions; advice can be found here:
  5. Assurances that you can obtain the supplies in the timescale.
  6. A scanned copy of your organisation’s insurance cover