Grow For It 2017 funding is now open for applications!

Grow For It application guidance 2017
Get Creative
In a nutshell… Grow Wild is awarding £500 for projects led by young people aged 12- 25 that will raise awareness about the importance of UK native wild flowers and plants. You can use visual art, music, poetry, dance, and theatre… whatever it is that you’re good at!
We’ll be showcasing all of the Get Creative projects at a weekend takeover event in Edinburgh. This will take place at the Summerhall arts centre on 23 – 25 June 2017, and will be your opportunity to present or perform at an iconic arts venue. Make sure you keep the date free!! We recommend you call us to discuss your ideas on the numbers below, particularly if you are doing a performance piece.
Individuals and groups can apply by creating a short video. Tell us what you want to do and how you will use the £500 to Get Creative.

UK native wild flowers and plants
Wild flowers and plants can bring colour and beauty to where you live. You might have seen wild flowers along railway lines or out in the countryside. In the UK we’re lucky to have some amazing wild flowers, but they’re in danger: we have lost 97% of wild flower meadow habitats since the 1930s. Wild flowers provide food for the UK’s many pollinating insects, such as bees, butterflies and moths, which are responsible for
pollinating many of our food crops. Without wild flowers and insects the world could not produce enough food.
1. Inspiration
Your project needs to communicate the importance of native wild flowers and plants. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in this, Grow Wild is for everyone and we’ll be on hand to support you.
READ THIS! Find out about pollinating insects, UK native wild flowers and plants here:
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WATCH THIS! Youtube sensation, Brett Domino’s hip hop
take on wild flowers. Don’t blame us when you’re still
singing it this time next week.

Now you’re all inspired, it’s time to apply…
2. Grow For It criteria
 You must be known to a youth, community or education organisation that can receive the £500 on your behalf. Money can’t be transferred to your personal bank account or any other personal bank account.
Please talk to someone about your project idea and make sure they have read the guidance for supporting organisations on our website.
 Your project needs to communicate the importance of UK native wild flowers and plants but you can interpret this theme as creatively and imaginatively as you like. Choose a medium that you and your friends are happy with.
 The Summerhall venue space will be a series of gallery rooms that can accommodate visual and performance art. We recommend you call us to discuss your ideas on the numbers below.
 The funding will be awarded by April and you must complete your project in time to attend the takeover event at Summerhall on 23-25 June 2017. In addition to the £500, we will support you with travel and accommodation for this event.
 If you are under age 18, please make sure you have permission from your parent or guardian to make and send your video application.
3. Video application checklist
Your video application can be as extravagant and creative as you like but it doesn’t have to be filmed on a fancy camera. It’s fine to film it using your smart phone. Make sure you’ve included the information below:
Tell us what your Grow For It project will be called.
Tell us why you want to do your project.
A description of the overall concept for your creative piece and the inspiration behind it. You can include sketches or sound bites to give us a flavour of what your final piece will look or sound like.
How you will spend the £500. List a simple budget or just talk us through it.
Fancy talking things through first?
Give us a call! We’d love to hear from you. Call Catherine on 020 8332 5444 or Kate on 020 8332 5445, or