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Seed Bombs

Is there an unloved and uncared bit of land near you then you have the opportunity to unleash of bit colour.

It will brighten other peoples day and help nature flourish.





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Hedgehog Hotel

Give these prickly and adorable garden friends a home. Since the 1950s the UK’s population of hedgehogs has fallen from 30million to about 1million.  They are great garden guests munching through slugs and other garden pests. Put your hedgehog hotel in place in spring/ summer ready for autumn.


All depends on whether you want to build a small bungalow or a mansion. The possibilities are endless.

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Bee Hotel

There are over 200 solidarity bees in the UK. A bee hotel will provide solidarity bees with a place to lay their larvae.


Untreated wood (so no varnish, stain, paint etc) OR empty plastic bottle   

A drill 

Bundles of bamboo or dead stems

Saw, screws and secateurs


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