Natural Kirklees April 22 Newsletter

Natural Kirklees April 22 Newsletter



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Natural Kirklees Christmas Newsletter 2021

NK Newsletter – Dec 2021


Natural Kirklees Newsletter – November 2021

NK Newsletter – Nov 2021

Hi everyone – here is the NK November Newsletter – if you want the pictures click above to download

Natural Kirklees November Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Well – we finally made it – we managed to hold our Annual General Meeting on 17th November at the fourth time of asking and thank you to all those who attended. Since our last newsletter, Tim and I had the chance to meet Mark Ferris, Dennis Whittle and Rachel Palmer from Kirklees Council in a get to know you meeting and to discuss the future relationships. A really positive first meeting and we intend to follow up in the New Year to progress and clarify the role Natural Kirklees will play.

In this edition, I report the minutes of our AGM and enclose articles from Tom Taylor who spoke on his various roles at the AGM and to provide you with details of two zoom meetings he is holding in the next few days – so please read his section and respond urgently if you wish to participate.

Jane from Friends of Greenhead Park has also kindly forwarded a structure of how things stand within the various roles in Kirklees Council. We will publish this if they give us permission and validate the information we hold in the near future as there was a definite concensus at the AGM that the situation at present is confused.
Also in this issue – A note from Kirklees Badger Protection Group promoting their calendar and our regular contributions from River Holme Connections and Support To Recovery.

Just in case we don’t need a December Newsletter, I and all the Trustees of Natural Kirklees wish you an early Merry Christmas and hope to meet you all again in the New Year



Natural Kirklees Annual General Meeting
2pm Wednesday 17th November 2021
At Beaumont Park Visitor Centre

Attendees Oganisation
Tim Duke Chair Natural Kirklees
Ed Day Treasurer Natural Kirklees
Joan Vevers Secretary Natural Kirklees
David Rudd Trustee Natural Kirklees
Christine Senior Trustee Natural Kirklees
Julie Hirst FO Beaumont Park
Bev & Mark Corrigan British Horse Society KLS Bridleways
Steve & Celia Moorhouse FO Wilton Park
Peter Taylor Burton Environment Group
Karen Mayfield Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group
Lynn Holland Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group
Anne Martin Badger Protection Group
Ken Gledhill Birkby Community Wildlife Garden
Ali Stopher Environmental Projects in Kirklees
Lizzie Windelinck Clems Garden
Tom Taylor FO Highfield Community Orchard
Deborah Wyles FO Cliffe Rec
Jane Griffiths FO Greenhead Park
Glenys Ireland FO Greenhead Park
Colin Berry Spen Valley Civic Society
Erica Amende Spen Valley Civic Society
Andy Goff Kirklees Council
Dave Wilde Denby Dale Parish Council
Phil Slater Trustee Natural Kirklees
Win Harrison Holmepride-Community in Action
Michael Brook Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


Apologies Organisation
Rod Payne Upper Dearne Woodlands Conservation
Jason Kerry S2R
Steve Hemming Honley Village Community Trust
Keith Saunders FO Slaithwaite Spa
Christine Sykes Mirfield in Bloom
Gill Young FO Crow Nest Park
Andy Wickham Kirklees Council
Gill Logan Kirklees Council
Andrew O’Connor FO Dean Wood
John Griffiths FO Dean Wood
Caz Goodwill FO Spen Beck & Mann Dam+Red House
Greta Bradley HOTT
Simon Lyes Colne Valley Tree Society
Mike Denton Huddersfield Birdwatchers Society
Jill Lucas Botanist
Tim Scott Burton Environment Group
Jason Hawkins FO Wilton Park
Julie Dempster FO Beaumont Park


Item Action
Welcome and Introductions
Tim welcomed everyone and apologised for the postponements of this meeting.  Everyone around the room introduced themselves
ED read out the apologies
Minutes of the last AGM and Matters Arising
Tim ran through points from the meeting on Zoom held on Thursday 19th January 2020.  He also said that this would be his last year as Chair.  Proposed by Phil and seconded by Dave the minutes were taken as a true copy.
Trustees Annual Report
The insurance has been renewed at the same price and the tool stores are still operating.  Ed is working on the website.  Our Charity has been of particular help this year. The local Council has had to impose many restrictions on the use of Green spaces and Parks and we have had to keep our member groups informed of these and interpret how the restrictions affect our members activities. We have acted as mediators and points of contact as the local authority has moved staff into other roles to fight the pandemic.
We have continued to hold our quarterly meetings by Zoom and been available to our members to sort out their problems, liaise with the local authority and be there for just a chat if required. When restrictions were lifted in stages again we have given advice and provided Covid related risk assessments to enable our members to restart their activities in a safe manner.
Throughout the whole of the lockdown periods we have sent out regular newsletters to keep members aware of developments, keep them in touch with each other and try and keep things as normal as possible . We are now back to meeting in person and most restrictions have been lifted by the Council.
The activity in the past year has been severely impacted due to the Covid-19 virus and as a result both our income and expenditure have been a lot less than planned. Our income derives from a Kirklees Council grant that was less than in previous years due to the inevitable inactivity but is not seen as an issue going forward. The trustees have reassessed the charity’s ability to continue for at least 12 months from the date that the accounts are approved and conclude that no material uncertainties exist which cast significant doubt on the charity’s ability to meet its liabilities as they fall due.
Treasurers Report
Finance  The past year has been a difficult year for many of us with multiple lockdowns and restrictions curtailing the activity of our groups. In direct contrast, notwithstanding the difficulties of renewing our insurance cover, the life of being a treasurer for Natural Kirklees has been a walk in the park with so little activity.
The untimely and tragic death of Rob Dalby has created a degree of uncertainty over the future of Natural Kirklees but our concern pales into insignificance compared to the loss of the man himself. As a result of Rob passing, we were unable to secure the second instalment of the normal grant from Kirklees Council; however, we did receive the initial grant of £10,000 which almost covers the cost of the public liability we provide group members.
In terms of figures, we started the year with a bank balance of £42,769.24 which when adding the £10,000 grant gave us a fund of £52,769. From these funds we have paid the premium for the insurance of £10,058 relating to 2021/22.
We also spent £30 providing stalls for the Beaumont Park Gala, £1,320 on litter pickers and hoops, £417 on the running of our web site, £366 on accounts scrutiny and other admin costs and £2,150 utilising the remainder of a grant we received in previous years for the treatment of knotweed.
The pandemic prevented us from holding or even planning any significant activity, so we exited the financial year with a healthy bank balance of £38,779.
Looking forward, we have reserved funds for the insurance policy premiums for a further 2 years, guaranteeing Natural Kirklees ability to pay for the £5m million public liability and all risks cover for the groups who need it until September 2024. This represents a reserve of £25,000 from the balance of £38,779. We have also reserved, for the coming year, £5,000 for the website and social media improvements, £5,000 for the tool stores and £2,000 for administration. While no reserve has been set aside at this time for grants, this will be the subject of discussions with the council in January and our next quarterly meeting.
Tim and I met with Mark Ferris, Dennis Whittle and Rachel Palmer on 5th November in a “get to know you” meeting and to discuss the role of Natural Kirklees going forward. Tim will report on this later in the meeting, albeit to say, Tim and I left the meeting feeling very positive and with a message from Will Accornley, that finance will be forthcoming when needed to continue our operations.
I am therefore able to confirm that we can continue the work of Natural Kirklees for the coming financial year and have reported such to the Charity Commission.
While renewing the insurance policies, I took the liberty of merging the insurance and membership databases and while a minor glitch caused major problems with the insurance forms, I have sent the certificates out with a covering record of the information we now hold. I am pleased to say that after removing some of the members from the database that we have not heard from for 3 years, we currently have 129 members, 87 of whom are insured via our policy and our newsletter is sent to 235 members and subscribers.
Web Site and social media
Finally, we are very conscious of the fact that our communication and information provision (other than the newsletter!) is very dated and not very exciting. We hope to be working with Stefanie Rofke from Rotcher Woods to completely overhaul all aspects of the various means of communication open to us; and hope to meet up again with her as soon as practical, to progress this project. As a result of our meeting with Dennis and his colleagues we hope to collaborate with the council in this project.
To be honest, renewing the insurance this year was a nightmare. The performance of the underwriters left a lot to be desired taking 4 months to answer questions on what is and what is not covered. We are within a whisker of publishing a definitive list, which I will put in a newsletter in the coming weeks and will update our web site with the new form and greater clarity on the cover. In future we will be providing £5m public liability and, if required, cover for tools owned by the groups from our funds against this specific and definitive list of activities and tools.
Update from Meeting with Kirklees Council on 5th November 2021
Tim and Ed met with Mark Ferris (Group Leader, Parks & Green Spaces – Development) who is undertaking a lot of Rob Dalby’s role., Dennis Whittle (Parks Services Manager) and Rachael Palmer (Recycling and Waste Officer). We arranged the meeting as a get to know you exercise and to find out what Natural Kirklees’ role would be in the future. The council officers did not see a problem with funding in future years. They think that the relationship between Kirklees and Natural Kirklees is good. Funding will continue and they have ideas about what will happen in the next 12 months and how we can work together.  The Council think we do a useful job and they may use our website to promote their initiatives.  We intend to plan future meetings with them in the New Year and hope to reintroduce the meetings with the volunteer coordinators. There was a request for NK to provide a structure of the Council and Tim will provide a Kirklees Family Tree as soon as possible.  Jane from Greenhead Park said that she would send him the information which she has.
Appointment of Trustees
Ed explained that 1/3rd or the Trustees must stand down every year.  This year Tim and Christine must resign but both are willing to stand again as Trustees.  Tom Taylor proposed and Peter Taylor seconded and they were both re-elected.  We do need additional Trustees, so if anyone wishes to nominate someone or would like to be a trustee please let us know.  Julie Hirst was nominated by Ed and as everyone agreed she was duly appointed.  Ed promised to advertise the role of a trustee ahead of next years AGM.
Appointment of Officers
Tim explained why he had stood down as Chair and as no-one had volunteered to take over we have a new line-up with Ed as Chair, Joan as Secretary and our new Trustee Julie will take over as Treasurer.  Tim will remain as Chair until January.  Ali Stopher proposed the new line-up and Phil Slater seconded.
Questions Submitted to the AGM
There was one question from Kirklees Countryside Volunteer David Clarkin.  They are considering their future and considering whether or not to be a member or merge with us.  Tim asked him to clarify but we have not heard back from him.  The Kirklees Countryside Volunteers need to be kept going in some form, they do work with PROW.  (Subsequent to the meeting we have heard they have decided to cease operations)
The Third Sector Presentation by Tom Taylor
Tom began by speaking about Highfield Community Orchard.  “We put in 6 apple trees and now it is protected as Community Green space in the Local Plan. The orchard received a Green Social Prescribing Grant.  We have joined Natural Kirklees and value their help”.Kirklees Climate Commission has links to the Third Sector and business.  The Kirklees Climate Commission has been established as an independent advisory body to bring actors from the public, private and third sectors together to support and guide ambitious climate actions across all parts of Kirklees. They have a road map and aim to achieve Carbon Neutral by 2038.  There are 2 events on 29th at 12.30 and 30th November at 6.30 for all of our community groups to talk about climate change and nature.  They hope to link all the groups by Zoom to talk for 1 minute about what their ideas are.  This will be fed into the Climate Commission Global Assembly.  Ed said that he would send information out in a Newsletter.Third Sector Leaders Kirklees are a charity working with voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises and other not-for –profit organisations in Kirklees to help them achieve their aims, grow and develop.  They provided support during Covid and did a great job.  Community Anchors contributes to health and wellbeing they are funded to help GP’s and primary care networks going through the Council to Third Sector Leaders to pull everything together.  He will send information to ED

Thornton Lodge Action Group has funding for a walking group and David Rudd will send his contact details to Tom.

Greenhead Park asked about electric to replace petrol equipment.  Spen Valley complained about a huge Amazon Warehouse on greenbelt and asked how this fits with what Kirklees are trying to do on climate change.  There is an email address




Date of Meetings in 2022
The first will be in January, then April, July and October.  We will try to have an evening meeting either April or July.  Would Wednesday or Thursday be preferred?  However, Wednesday is the only afternoon available at the Visitor Centre.  Tim and Ed will give some thought on dates and send them out.  Tim thanked Dave, Julie and Christine for the refreshments.
Any Unusual Sightings
Ali said that she had seen Goldcrests in her garden.Celia from Crow Nest Park spoke about the butterfly house and her observations of Vapourer Moths during lockdown.  Some of the caterpillars were much larger than others and after they pupate the males have wings and only live a few days but the females have hardly any wings and they give off pheromones which can attract males from miles away.Phil said that he had seen a little Egret on the river Dearne.  They are still unusual but they are seen often on bird reserves.
Any Other Business
Patrick Crowley has retired on health grounds and Andy Goff is compiling a book and would like anecdotes, photos etc to be sent to him so that he can put the book together. have heard nothing about a Rob Dalby memorial but we will consider ideas.A new word came up in a quiz “Plogging”.  It is picking up litter whilst jogging.

Birkby Community Garden has benefited from River Holme Connections treating Japanese Knotweed and wanted to know if that would continue for another year.  They treat it in August or September.  ED will get back to Ken in the New Year when funding with the council has been agreed.

Win spoke about Natural Kirklees contribution to the new garden at Holmfirth Junior, Infants & Nursery School which was opened after 26 months of hard work.  The Mayor opened it and lots of groups have used it.  Growing Garden Places have helped raise £21,000 and the garden is now secure.  They are on Facebook and ED asked for photos for the website.

Christine mentioned that the Ramblers do some maintenance on footpaths.  Contact Oliver Taylor or Christine Senior.

Wilton Park would like to make a small woodland in memory of the people of Batley who have died from Covid and wanted to know what anyone else may be doing. Spen Valley have Jo Cox Community Wood and offered help. There were other suggestion about the Woodland Trust etc.






Climate Voices
Tom spoke at the AGM about Climate Voices and has asked me to circulate the following flyerGroups can register their interest in taking part at:
There is also a Facebook page with more details at: you could get this out to members soon, as time is short, that would be brilliant.  My contact details are below and these can be added to the info.

Thank you.

Tom Taylor
Community Anchors Lead
TSL Kirklees

Room LG12, Brian Jackson House, 2 New North Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP
Tel No: 01484 519053
Mob: 07443191205





TSL Community Anchors Lead

Tom also spoke about Community Anchors and has kindly sent me this to distribute

TSL Kirklees has been contracted to develop a network of Community Anchor organisations across Kirklees, in partnership with health services and the local authority.

TSL Kirklees Community Anchors are established local organisations which are given additional funding so that they can help community groups to sustain or develop activities which support health and wellbeing in communities.

Community Anchors help community groups find the contacts, funding and volunteers to keep activities and groups going – and to develop new ones.  They also work with Social Prescribing services to help those with health needs find the community groups and activities that can help.

It is a new way of working in Kirklees and still being set up and established.  To find out more and get contact details for TSL Kirklees Community Anchors, see:

Tom Taylor
Community Anchors Lead
TSL Kirklees

Room LG12, Brian Jackson House, 2 New North Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP
Tel No: 01484 519053
Mob: 07443191205

Working days: two days a week, Tues a regular day

Need support for your organisation?
Visit our website
Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite
Sign-up for our newsletter

Become a member & help lead the third sector in Kirklees



Kirklees Badger Protection Group
I received this email and request for a news story to be added to our web site and enclose it for your information. However, Jan tells me they have nearly sold out  but I thought I would still publish it as there may be sufficient demand to warrant a further print – let Jan know if you are interested –

Kirklees Badger Protection Group – Wildlife Calendar 2022
Short introduction to this story
We have a limited edition of 50 wildlife calendars on sale now and all monies go towards the protection and welfare of badgers in Kirklees
News Story Content
Our stunning 2022 calendar has arrived
Spiral bound A4 opening to A3 – cover is 300gsm silk quality paper & the inner pages 170gsm silk – fabulous images donated by very generous and talented wildlife photographers
Kindly printed & donated by our sponsor Aura Print and all proceeds go towards the welfare & protection of badgers in KirkleesPosted 2nd class recorded & boxed
1 calendar @ £9.95 + £2.95 p&pPlease make payment via PayPal to
Please use FAMILY & FRIENDS option and add a note with your address

I will receive a message from PAYPAL notifying me when you have paid – thank you

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, cash on collection or any other method please message me for details

Thank you for supporting us

News Story Image



River Holme Connections

News Stream – November 2021

We hope you are all keeping well.

This month we bring you an update on the tree planting season, new volunteering opportunities, ways you can support our work and details of this Saturday’s volunteering work party.  Lots to get involved with!


As always, thank you to all our dedicated volunteers.  It’s your continued help and support that helps us to make the River Holme a better place for people and wildlife.

New Trustees 2022

Are you passionate about transforming the River Holme catchment for the benefit of residents, business, visitors and wildlife?  Would you like to join our team of trustees?


Our charity has a board of trustees and a small team who take care of the day-to-day activities. We’re also helped by an army of volunteers who are truly amazing, offering a wealth of skills and knowledge to help our charity function and grow (and bake amazing cakes!).  We are now looking for three trustees to join this team from Spring 2022.  You will join an established team of trustees responsible for leading and running the charity in a business-focussed and socially responsible way.


If you are interested, please visit our website to find out more about the charity and click here for more detailed information about the trustee vacancies.   Please email if you would like to have a chat with one of the trustees.

Tree Planting Season


We will be starting our large scale Holme Valley tree planting programme in early December where the 25,000th tree will be planted.  Please keep an eye out for future tree planting dates.  All details will be on our website and social media.

Education Volunteers

In early Summer 2022, we will be embarking on our biggest ever education programme.  We plan to work with one year group in all 20 primary schools in the River Holme catchment area delivering a carousel of river-related activities.  The sessions will be held either at the school’s nearest accessible watercourse or in-school.  We already have an active group of education volunteers who help with these sessions and we are always looking for more volunteers.  We will be offering free DBS checks and the opportunity to come along to one of the sessions to see how it works.  Please get in touch if you would like to be involved with this next year

Third Saturday Work Party & Volunteering


Our third Saturday work task (20th November) will be held at Thongsbridge Recreation Ground (off Miry Lane) from 10am till 12noon.


We will be carrying out tree planting, a river clean-up and litter picking.


We will also be bringing along some Christmas cards (£3.50 per pack), chutney (thanks to Christine) and our 2022 calendars (£7.50 each), if anyone would like to buy some.  The perfect gifts!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Nat Grid: SE149099 / SE1497509925

Nearest Post Code: HD9 7RY

what3words location: :


We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Christmas is coming!

If you are using Amazon for your Christmas shopping this year please select River Holme Connections as your chosen charity through Amazon Smile.  Every time you shop with Amazon use the Amazon Smile platform and we will receive 0.5% of the net purchase price of eligible purchases.

River Holme Connections 2022 calendar, the perfect gift!  There are still a few remaining.  The price is £7.50 per calendar plus P & P if required.  Please email or telephone 01484 661756 to reserve one.

We have a selection of Christmas cards now available in the office.  All money raised from the sale of these items will help support future work in the River Holme catchment area.  Click here to view the selection of cards and to order online.  Alternatively,  contact or telephone 01484 661756 to collect from the office.

River Holme Connections is totally reliant on funding, donations and volunteer input to carry out all the amazing work throughout the catchment area.  Thank you for your continued support.

Diary Events

Third Saturday Volunteering Sessions


Every third Saturday of the month

10:00am – 12:00pm

Anywhere throughout the River Holme catchment area.


Please check our website and social media for further information.


Saturday 20th November 2021


Third Saturday Volunteering Work Party

10:00am – 12:00 noon

Thongsbridge Cricket Club (off Miry Lane)


We will be carrying out tree planting, a river clean-up and litter picking.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Sunday 6th February 2022


Bird Walk and Talk

Spa Wood Riverside Way

9am – 11am

Join Chris, Heather and Stephen from Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club for an early Sunday stroll along the beautiful Riverside Way at Spa Wood, Lockwood.  We will be spotting and identifying birds that live along the river area.  Further details here.


Saturday 12th March 2022


Thomas Berry Talk

Venue TBC

2pm – 4pm

Join us for “Seeing the World Anew: Exploring Thomas Berry and Ecology by Kelvin Ravenscroft, Facilitator of Thomas Berry Manchester”.

Thomas Berry was a Passionist scholar and great thinker in the area of ecology and sustainability of the earth as a home to be shared with all people.  Berry spent his life raising greater awareness to see the earth as a home to care for and not a product for human consumption.

Booking essential as limited numbers.  Please book via Eventbrite by clicking this link.


Saturday 16th July 2022


Tree Walk and Talk

Venue and timing TBC

Celebrate the wonder of the local trees in our area by joining Kirklees ranger Peter Banks and River Holme Connections for a tree walk and talk.  We will be looking for and identifying trees along the River Holme.

Please wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear.

All welcome.


Holmfirth Walkers are Welcome Group


Sunday Family Walks.

Click here for further details of walks in and around the River Holme catchment area.

Copyright © 2021 River Holme Connections Charity No. 1163873, All rights reserved.






S2R December 2021 Newsletter




What’s Happening in December at S2R Support to Recovery…







We’ve got lots of face-to-face sessions planned for December, including our Cemetery Road Community Allotment group, some Café Connections sessions at The Surf Shack in Cleckheaton, and some gentle Wellbeing Walks in Greenhead Park. We will also be running a variety of crafty and festive sessions at our Create Space building on Brook Street in Huddersfield town centre, including some Aromatherapy Soap Making and Embroidered Felt Decorations workshops, and a Natural Wreath Making session that’s perfect for decorating your house or giving as a gift!

We’re still running some creative sessions online too – have a look at our brand new December Schedule for a full list of all the sessions and activities taking place.

If you’d like to book yourself onto any of our sessions, then you can email us at: or check out our Facebook page to join in with live sessions,
or to watch our video releases again at any time.




Download December Schedule








Birkby Wellbeing Walks
Join Byron for some gentle, mindful walks around Birkby every Tuesday at 1pm.
You can also join our Walking WhatsApp Group on 07927 960967 (please note that your number will be shared on the group).
Book Now





Zoom and Facebook Sessions
This month, we’ll be running some gentle, women-only yoga classes on Zoom, or you can tune in to our pre-recorded Zumba sessions to help you keep moving between Christmas and New Year.
We will also be releasing a festive how-to video guide on making an everlasting wreath from recycled drinks cans on Wednesday 22nd December at 5.30pm.
View Facebook Page























Download December Schedule














The Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind Project
The Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind project is here to help you and your community access and enjoy the amazing green spaces in the Dewsbury area. Our aim is to boost your physical, emotional and social wellbeing and help you to try new indoor and outdoor activities, link up with others, lend a hand and help out with local community projects or share your skills. For more information about the project, check out our webpage and join in the hunt for the rare and elusive Wild Dewsberries on our Facebook group.This month we’ll be running some festive Crafts and Nature sessions at Chickenley Community Centre, and some gentle Wednesday Wanderers sessions in Earlsheaton Park. We will also be teaching skills like shelter building, foraging and compass reading in our Outdoor Skills and Nature Confidence sessions at Boothroyd Academy. Or why not join our brand new Lees Holm Creatives sessions from 11am – 1pm on Mondays at Thornhill Lees Community Centre, and make yourself a fabulous winter wreath or learn some creative cake and biscuit decorating skills that will make your baking pop!Take a look at our latest Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind Schedule and email: or call/text 07895 510 433 to book your place on a session.




Download the Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind Schedule














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