The Lepton Preservation Society Application

22-04 – The Lepton Preservation Society



The original application was hand written and has been retyped in digital format


22-04 – Smithy Community Play Space Application

22-04 – Smithy Community Play Space


22-04 Shelley Conservation and Environment Group Application

22-04 Shelley Conservation and Environment Group Application


22-04 Mirfield In Bloom Application

22-04 – Mirfield in Bloom Application


22-04 Hade Edge Residents Association Application

22-04 – Hade Edge Residents Association Application


22-04 Grange Moor Community Association Application

22-04 – Grange Moor Community Association Application


22-04 Activities4All Grant Application

22-04 – Activities4 All Supplimentary

22-04 – Activities4 All


Small Grant Scheme Application Form

Small Grant Scheme Application Form

Small Grant Scheme 2022

The pandemic has impacted all our lives and as a result the last few years has seen a general decrease in the number of volunteers and an even greater disparity and polarisation within the population than before. Climate change is a growing challenge and the work that our members undertake becomes ever more vital in the conservation and biodiversity of our natural world and the well-being of the population of Kirklees.

Thanks to the funding by Kirklees Council, Natural Kirklees is able to offer another small grant scheme this year as we exit the pandemic and get out into our green spaces.

Open to Full Constituted Members, the focus will be obviously on improving our green spaces but priority will be given where applicants can show one or more of the following

  • Community Cohesion – Community cohesion refers to the aspect of togetherness and bonding exhibited by members of a community, the “glue” that holds a community together. This might include features such as a sense of common belonging or cultural similarity and aims to build communities where people feel confident that they belong and are comfortable mixing and interacting with others, particularly people from different racial backgrounds or people of a different faith.
  • Well-being a positive impact on the challenges of improved physical, mental or social well-being.
  • Carbon Reduction / Bio Diversity Net Gain – a positive impact by planting trees etc or improving the natural habitat

 Applications are invited from members in the next few weeks for amounts between £50 and £750 by downloading the application form (see above) and emailing it back to

Closing date for applications is 29th April 2022.

Applications will be reviewed by the trustees of Natural Kirklees; they may request additional information or clarification and grants will be awarded by early May.

The following conditions apply

  • Open only to full constituted members
  • The work must be undertaken and completed before 31st December 2022 unless the trustees agree otherwise (the pandemic taught us this!)
  • The member must allow the trustees of Natural Kirklees to confirm the work is being undertaken and has been completed
  • The member is willing to provide brief reports, 3 months into the project and at the completion of the work, detailing the benefits, preferably with photographs and give permission for this to be publicised by Natural Kirklees, at their discretion.
  • The funding is provided for a specific project that has a tangible, identifiable outcome.
  • The funding is provided only for items and work not already undertaken or committed to.
  • Receipts for all expenditure will be made available to Natural Kirklees
  • The proposal is made known to the relevant Kirklees Volunteer Coordinator
  • The work must be undertaken with Kirklees Council or the land owner’s permission
  • All legal aspects and permissions are obtained and adhered to
  • The member must have public liability insurance to cover the work to be undertaken.
  • The funds will be transferred to the members bank account within a week following the award.
  • Natural Kirklees Trustees decisions are final in all aspects of this scheme
  • The member agrees that any unspent amount or the total grant if the project fails to go ahead, will be returned to Natural Kirklees

Natural Kirklees Grant Schemes

From time to time and dependant on our available funds Natural Kirklees offer small grants to its member groups to help in specific, finitely timed projects to help them improve the Green Space the group members volunteer in or to pay for training of volunteers. The trustees of Natural Kirklees consider all applications from members and the only conditions are that the work, must improve the natural environment or encourage the public to visit the site and has not yet started. Additionally, the group must be constituted, hold a bank account in the name of the group (or its parent group), submit accounts of the grant expenditure on request and allow the trustees to visit and confirm the work has been undertaken as agreed at the end of the project. The grants were first awarded in April 2020, unfortunately, coincidently with the start of the Covid pandemic. If there is a current grant scheme on offer you can find the application form as the next document in this category. There are also updates on grants we have previously awarded.


2020 Grant – Birkby Community Wildlife Garden

Birkby Community Wildlife Garden


2020 Grant – Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group

Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group Progress Report


2020 Grant to River Holme Connections

River Holme Connections – April 2021

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