Ten Villages Conservation Group

The 10 villages conservation group is a practical conservation group which undertakes a task once a month around the Denby Dale parish, led by the countryside officer. A major project is the linking of two communities of Great Crested Newts and we also monitor the River Dearne for pollution, based on riverfly sampling. We also assist local schools & community groups who need a helping hand with practical projects, with a workforce entirely made up of local volunteers. We offer a warm welcome to anyone who would like to be involved and help.

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Areas of interest: Allotments, Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Open Spaces, Water Resources and Waterways, Wildlife and Biodiversity, Woodlands

Group location: Denby Dale (Denby Dale)

Organisation Contact details

Email: eddtinks@googlemail.com
Telephone number: 07766 333319

Contact details

Primary Contact: Edwyn Tinker-Ives, Secretary
07766 333319
Secondary Contact: Liz Goodman, Treasurer
Third Contact: Phil Slater, Chair