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Friends of Outlane

Our mission is to improve Outlane Village and the surrounding area for the good of all those who live, work, visit and pass through

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Friends of Ramsden Road

We represent all user groups and our aim is to ensure that the lane can be repaired/maintained so that it remains open long-term to all.

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Friends of Rectory Park

To work with Kirklees to keep Rectory Park open,tidy and accessible to the residents of Thornhill. To hold an annual Gala and dog show.

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Friends of Storthes Hall Woods

To conserve and regenerate the woodlands of Storthes Hall, their flora, fauna and wildlife habitats as a community resource and promote their use by local people as a place for the enjoyment and study of the countryside; and also to take consideration and care for sites of historical and archaeological importance.

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Friends of Toftshaw

We are a community group who seek to preserve and enhance Toftshaw Pit Hill Nature Area to create a haven for wildlife and a place of peaceful enjoyment for local people and visitors.

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Friends of Tolson Memorial Museum & Ravensknowle Park

The Friends have a summer programme of concerts and entertainment in the Heritage Memorial Garden. A group of gardeners meet regularly to look after the Heritage Memorial Garden. The Friends organize events on the forecourt of the Museum and in Ravensknowle Park. The Friends also have a programme of events in the museum. We hold […]

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