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Results for Outdoor Recreation

Friends of Cliffe House

To support Cliffe House as a vibrant, safe and enjoyable environment for residents and visitors. To promote the profile of Cliffe House and work cohesively within the village.

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Friends of Dean Wood

To conserve Dean Wood, its flora and fauna and wildlife habitats as a community resource and promote its use by local people as a place for the quiet enjoyment and study of the countryside.’ To Plan organise and carry out practical conservation works and such other activities as the Group

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Friends of Greenhead Park

The Friends of Greenhead Park is an independent voluntary group that works in partnership with Kirklees Council and others to ensure that our park is safe, attractive and well-used.

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Friends of Longley Woods

A group bringing together local residents and users of our woods to protect and improve the woodland in the Longley area, including Longley Wood Nature Reserve, Oakenbank, Ashenhurst, Martin Bank Woods, New Laith Scrog and Penny Spring Woods. We are eyes and ears, looking out for problems and reporting them and doing regular small scale […]

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Friends of Mag Wood

To protect, preserve, maintain and enjoy the woodlands that can be found between Netherton, Armitage Bridge and Magdale. We believe that open woodlands are a vital part of the character of the area in which we live: a place for wildlife and biodiversity, a place for human relaxation and contemplation, and a small part of […]

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