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Results for Dewsbury (Dewsbury East, Dewsbury South, Dewsbury West)

Support to Recovery

Encouraging the use of nature and the outdoors for the improvement of wellbeing in Adults through inspiring workshops ranging from growing groups and allotments to walks, practical conservation tasks, nature crafts, bushcraft, nature Id, upcycling and art. Our facilitators are practiced in engaging the public and providing workshops in all the above areas with a […]

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We’re the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle. We own and maintain the Spen Valley Greenway between Dewsbury and Low Moor.

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Urban Tree Huggers : Kirklees Tree Planting Group

Involve local communities in tree planting and improve the local environment while encouraging people to take responsibility for climate change. To work with children in schools, educating our young peopleabout the current environmental crisis.

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