Friends of Earlsheaton Park

We are a group of local community members, of Earlsheaton and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to understand what improvements the community would like to see in the park and other communal areas. To raise funds and organise volunteering activity, so that we can improve the area and provide an opportunity for the community to work together and get to know eachother. We also intend to have small scale events that the local community can take part in and hopefully enjoy. We’d love to see the park used to it’s full potential and to bring all ages of the community together.

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Area of interest: Parks and Open Spaces

Group location: Dewsbury (Dewsbury East, Dewsbury South, Dewsbury West)

Organisation Contact details

Telephone number: 07932627272
Address: Earlston Lodge, Cross Park Street
WF12 8 AG

Contact details

Primary Contact: Claire Hunter