Almondbury Support And Care

We are local community group initially we were mutual aid group and now we are concentrating on enhancing local community by providing wider range of services, recently we have started a project Almondbury Gardens at the moment we offer re-distribution of plants, seeds and bulbs to fellow residents so they can increase the number of pollinating plants in the area, the plans for future is to enhance local green spaces. Other activities that we will be offering post pandemic are themed walks and outdoor activities promoting wellbeing. Other services include support for lonely people, organising events that bring people together and provide technological assistance to those who need it.

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Areas of interest: Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Recreation

Group location: Huddersfield South (Almondbury, Crosland Moor & Netherton, Dalton & Newsome)

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Telephone number: 07928878427

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