Almondbury Bank Woodland Preservation Group

Keep the woodland clean and tidy for the benefit of the local community, ensure as much as possible for the safety of dog walkers and others, reporting major problems to Kirklees. Work with Kirklees on specific projects as agreed with them. Cut back overgrown paths and overhanging tree growth, maintain path edgings and step risers, report any ingression by surrounding properties. Occassionally plant accepted tree saplings.

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Areas of interest: Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Recreation, Wildlife and Biodiversity, Woodlands

Group location: Huddersfield South (Almondbury, Crosland Moor & Netherton, Dalton & Newsome)

Organisation Contact details

Telephone number: 01484 304955

Contact details

Primary Contact: Bill Ashbee, Chair
Secondary Contact: Geoff Bedford, Secretary
Third Contact: Brian Hearn, Treasurer