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Natural Kirklees August Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Well, August is 3/4 of the way through and the weather has been largely disappointing but we did manage to hold our first meeting of members at the beginning of the month so we do appear to be approaching some sort of normality. It was great to meet up again and see some old and some new faces. Tim and I have even met again to discuss various matters. As I am sure you will understand the tragic death of Rob Dalby means we are in some form of limbo as to our future relationships with the council.

A date for your diary - Natural Kirklees Annual General Meeting will be held on 7th October 2021 at the Visitor Centre, Beaumont Park at 2pm. I will be trying to persuade Tim not to break his record for the length of the meeting.

The purpose of this newsletter is to bring you the minutes of the August meeting and also act as a reminder we need confirmatory details if you want to continue the Natural Kirklees Public Liability Insurance when it renews in September.

As you might expect the last email created what could easily be described as a flurry of emails and applications and I have hopefully confirmed receipt as I updated our database. However, if I didn't, I have provided a list of those groups who I have confirmed details and have forwarded any change requests to our brokers although as Liz, our broker, is on holiday I have not yet had any responses.

I have also provided a list of those groups currently insured but from who I have not had any confirmation and also a list of members who do not have insurance with us at all. It is worth checking if you are a member which list we currently hold you in and would ask you to act if you wish to renew the insurance by completing the insurance form at
Remember to press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

Tim and I have also heard comments from certain quarters in the council that being a member of Natural Kirklees automatically means the group is insured. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. To be insured, you either have to be an existing policy holder or if a new applicant, be approved by the brokers. Additionally groups must be active in line with our objectives to become full members and must have a constitution.

There is a list of tools we hold in our toolstores and on a far more interesting note, we also include River Holme Connections Newsletter.

Enjoy your green spaces and thanks again to all those who have responded regarding the insurance.



List of Groups for who we have all the details we require for the insurance renewal. NO FURTHER ACTION REQUIRED.  You have kindly responded to my email or have completed an application form within the past year with all the necessary details

Almondbury Action
Almondbury Bank Woodland Preservation Group
Batley Community Alliance
Birkby Community Wildlife Garden
Birstall in Bloom
Burton Environment Group
Clem's Garden CIC
Denby Village Conservation Group
Dewsbury Partnership, The
East Bierley Preservation Society
Friends of Caulms Wood
Friends of Cliff Recreation Ground
Friends of Cliffe House
Friends of Earlsheaton Park
Friends of Greenhead Park
Friends of Honley Old Wood
Friends of Ramsden Road
Friends of Rectory Park
Friends of Slaithwaite Spa (FOSS)
Friends of Spen Beck/ Mann Dam
Friends of Wilton Park
Golcar and Slaithwaite Walkers are Welcome
Golcar Lily Environment Group
Grange Moor Community Association
Hade Edge Residents Association
Holmfirth Transition Town
Holmfirth Walkers are Welcome
Honley Community Growers
Honley Village Community Trust
Huddersfield Woodscape
Keep Hecky Tidy
Lepton Community Link
Lepton Community Orchard
Marsden Walkers are Welcome
Mirfield in Bloom
Our Community Works
Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group
Red House Yorkshire Heritage Trust
Spen Valley Civic Society (SVCS)
Ten Villages Conservation Group
Upper Dearne Woodlands Conservation Group
Urban Tree Huggers : Kirklees Tree Planting Group
Woodhouse Mills Ponds Angling Club


Here is the list of members who currently have insurance but we do not have sufficient detail or have received no confirmation of the contact and other details included on my email. PLEASE COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FORM via our website or respond completing and confirming the detail requested on my recent email. If you do not have the email anymore please complete an application form.

Almondbury Library Friends Association
Batley Cemetery Support Group
Birkenshaw Village Association (BVA)
Clayton West Millennium Green Trust
Cliffe Woods Conservation Group
Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome Group
Emley & Emley Moor Community Group
Farnley Tyas Community Group
Friends of Churchfield
Friends of Crow Nest Park
Friends of Dean Wood
Friends of East Hill Woods
Friends of Gledholt Woods (TP Woods)
Friends of Holmfirth Library and Tourist Information Centre - FOHLATIC
Friends of Longley Woods
Friends of Marsden Park
Friends of Norman Park
Friends of Quarmby and Longwood (FOQAL)
Friends of Scholes Recreation Ground
Friends of Storthes Hall Woods
Friends of Toftshaw
Friends of West End Park
Growing Newsome
Holmepride - Community in Action
Kirklees Badger Protection Group
Kirklees Bridleways Group
Little Gomersal Community Association
Marsden and Slaithwaite Transition Town (MASTT)
Meltham Walkers are Welcome
Millpond Support Group (Staincliffe)
Milnsbridge Enhancement Group
Mirfield Playground Project
Old Moll Spring Community Interest Company
Pride in Linthwaite Community Interest Company
Ride Kirklees
Shelley Conservation Group
Stocksmoor Village Association

I will chase again if I have not heard from you in about 10 days time


Here is the list of members who do NOT require insurance, have not requested it or who want it but we are awaiting further information as of 21/8/21

Abbey Road & Hammond St Allotment Group
Almondbury Support and Care
Birstall Village Improvement Group
Bromley Park Residents Association
Churchfield Allotment Association
Cleckheaton In Bloom
Colne Valley Tree Society
Cumberworth Community Association
Cumberworth Road Action Group
Denby Dale Parish Countryside Project
Denby Dale Parish Environmental Trust
Don Catchment Rivers Trust
Don, Dearne & Rother Network, The
EcoHolmes Community Land Trust
Emley First School PTA
Experience Community
Fartown Forest Garden
Friends of Beaumont Park
Friends of Bradley Park
Friends of Cinderhills Recreation Ground
Friends of Cowcliffe Community Recreation Area
Friends of Dewsbury Station
Friends of Highfields Community Orchard
Friends of Lees Holm Park
Friends of Mag Wood
Friends of Outlane
Friends of the Dearne
Friends of Tolson Memorial Museum & Ravensknowle Park
Gomersal Litter Picking Action Group
Grow to School
Growing Works
Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership
Holmfirth Conservation Group
Huddersfield Litter Bandits
Huddersfield Litter Busters
Kirkheaton Environment Trust
Kirklees Countryside Volunteers
Natures Footprints
new Orleans Wiggle
Newsome Ward Community Forum
Over 2 Hills Ltd
Pokémon Go Huddersfield
River Holme Connections
Royds Hall Allotments Association
Scissett Community Garden Project
Shelley Community Association
Support to Recovery
Thurstonland Village Association
Trinity & Greenhead Residents Association
Wellhouse Community Village green
West Yorkshire Owls Project (WYOP)

Here are the minutes of our August Meeting

Natural Kirklees Quarterly Meeting

2pm Thursday 5th August 2021
At Beaumont Park Visitor Centre
Attendees          Organisation
Tim Duke             Chair Natural Kirklees
Ed Day  Treasurer Natural Kirklees
Joan Vevers        Secretary Natural Kirklees
Phil Slater            Trustee Natural Kirklees
David Rudd         Trustee
Christine Senior Trustee
Tim Scott             Burton Petanque Environment Group
Peter Taylor        Burton Environment Group
Michael Brook   Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Jill Lucas               Botanist
Jean Margetts   MASTT Rotcher Wood Slaithwaite
Celina Paget       MASTT Rotcher Wood Slaithwaite
Stefanie Rofke  MASTT Rotcher Wood Slaithwaite
Gill Young            Friends of Crow Nest Park
Deborah Wyles Friends of Cliff Rec
Pat Sheard          Friends of Greenhead Park
Helen Mason     Rotcher Wood Slaithwaite
Richard Stow      Rotcher Wood Slaithwaite
Apologies           Organisation
Christine Sykes Mirfield in Bloom
Lizzie Windelinckx            Clem’s Garden
David Wilde        Denby Dale Parish Council
Karen Mayfield Ravensthorpe Residents Ass
Andrew O’Connor           Friends of Dean Wood
Andy Goff           Kirklees Council
Bev Corrigan       Kirklees Bridleways Group
Julie Dempster  Friends of Beaumont Park
Rob Kersey         Friends of Cliffe House
Dave Rigby          Golcar & Slaithwaite Walkers are Welcome
Meeting Protocol
Tim opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the first face to face meeting since the first lockdown.  He ran through the housekeeping details still in place for Covid.  Everyone introduced themselves.
Tim then told everyone the sad news about Rob Dalby from Kirklees Council saying that it was a shock to hear of his death in a diving accident.  Tim has written with condolences from everyone at Natural Kirklees.  We will publicise news of his funeral when it is available.  Rob was very popular and will be sadly missed.  There was a suggestion that we should have a bench in Beaumont Park dedicated to his memory, then planting a tree.  Someone said that Rob had wanted a tea plantation but that probably wouldn’t work in the park.  Then Dave suggested a small Camellia plantation.  Tim said that if anyone had any other ideas, we should discuss it at the next meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting 8th April 2020
These were agreed as a true copy proposed by Phil. 
Matters Arising
The Gala on 1st August at Beaumont Park was where NK were to have a village but a mixture of Covid and apathy prevented this.  The Badger Group had a pitch, and it was very successful.
The Keep Britain Tidy litter pick went ahead.
 Our tool stores are full of equipment and Christine said that 40 pickers and hoops were used and given back.  David Rudd got us an excellent price on the pickers and hoops.
Tim has spoken to the insurance brokers about offering cover to small groups of residents.  They could, but it would cost as much as the cover for a full group, so it is too expensive.  The new rangers, who we do not know much about, seem to be doing a lot of litter picking and having spoken to Gill Logan, the VC for Hudds, we are looking into the possibility of tying small groups of pickers in with the rangers to get round the insurance.  There was discussion around small or family groups of litter pickers.  It was suggested that we could lend pickers and hoops but only on the understanding that they are not insured and they are responsible for their own safety. We will have to check this with Kirklees before proceeding.       

Small Grants Scheme
A lot of the work has been carried out and reports from groups have been in the newsletter or on the website.  

Insurance and Tool Stores
The insurance scheme renews every September and it will renew this year.  Funds are ring fenced for the insurance renewal and enough for a price increase.  We still have money ring fenced if we need to increase Public Liability cover.  For commercial events where money is to be made the Council ask for 10 million.  We have the funds available should there be a need to increase the cover but are checking the latest requirements from Kirklees before we up the limit.  There are a number of people who are no longer associated with certain groups and we need to have correct contact details for the insurance.  The application form requests 2 names as contact for each group.  ED will send out a request for confirmation of 2 names from every insured group and check each group still requires cover before 19th September.  Tim Scott asked about insurance for equipment for commercial or sports organisation if a member group.  Tim D said probably not as it is purely for voluntary groups.  If money changes hands, then it is probably not covered.  It was then asked what if the event was for fund raising?  Tim said he would check these queries with the insurance brokers.
In the tool store we have litter pickers and lots of other equipment made up of basic hand tools.  TD agreed to email Rotcher Wood with an overview of the equipment.  TD will send this to ED as well so that he can put the details on the website. 

Upcoming Events and Members News
Rotcher Wood have had new energy and people are doing a lot more, take a look at the website .  Stefanie Rofke agreed to speak to Ed about Facebook.
Burton Environment Group have been working with Andy Wickham to improve biodiversity since the spring using hedging and making scrapes and a range of habitats.  They would like to ask Mike Denton to share his expertise on invertebrates and fungi.  They have a community trail and exercise stations with volunteers doing the work, but it has been thought that Kirklees do not take responsibility for maintenance of equipment. Tim had spoken with Jack Senior Head of Assets who felt that it would be Kirklees responsibility for facilities on their land.  TD will arrange a meeting with Will Acornley and Jack Senior to find out Kirklees position and how these things move forward.
 Our insurance does not cover groups who own equipment used by children.  It is the members responsibility to inform the insurance brokers and Natural Kirklees of any changes in what groups are doing.  If any play equipment is damaged, it will not be replaced but removed and taken to Peace Pit Lane.  Kirklees carry out regular inspections of play equipment.  They have also taken responsibility for the new playground in Beaumont Park.  There was a discussion around the Play Strategy and destination play areas.  The new Councillor for Dewsbury said that the Strategy was ratified.  It is a 5-year programme and there is a list of sites on which work will take place which we have not had sight of.
There was mention of Paul Wayne at Peace Pit Lane and there being a graveyard for park equipment which can be in good condition and groups could have access to it. 
Deborah said that 240 trees had been planted at Cliff Rec but very few are left.  They were whips and some had been pulled up or vandalised.  It is maybe better not to advertise what has been done as this draws attention to projects and sometimes encourages vandalism. The only advice is to keep going.  It was suggested that trying to hide them amongst brambles may work.  Someone mentioned Youth Workers and Ward Cllrs and Susan Greenwood of Kirklees Youth Association may be able to help.
 Peter mentioned that the Forestry Commission had licences to carry out thinning at Storthes Hall Wood.  He said that a large part of the wood had not had any maintenance in 30 years and some people are worried.  The woods do need thinning and in the long term it will be a good thing.  Kirkburton Parish Council has a management plan, but he does not have a copy.
Gill Young of Crow Nest Park mentioned Edible England events and Holmfirth where work has been done and S2R and others are doing growing works.
 There are Heritage Open days 10th to 19th September.  School children will be shown how to grow food.
 If there is anything you want to publicise send it to to be put on the website.
It is possible to raise funds by serving refreshments and asking for donations.
Richard Stow asked for support as Kirklees Highways are doing a consultation on work to widen Halifax Road from Huddersfield to Ainley Top and are planning to fell a large number of mature trees.  It is believed that this would only save 1 minute on the driving time.  
Any Unusual Sightings
Jill said that an alien grass had been seen growing in the pond area at Greenhead Park.
A bearded Vulture has been sighted near Spalding and a Black Browed Albatross at Bempton Cliffs.  A young Cuckoo has been seen as well as Buzzards and a Hummingbird Hawk moth.   
Dates of Next Quarterly Meetings
Will be the AGM at 2pm on Thursday 7th October at Beaumont Park Visitor Centre.  Darren Starkey of Frog Life cancelled for today but will hopefully come to the AGM

Any Other Business
There has been recent high incidence of mountain bikes which cause a certain amount of damage.  If you have anything of interest which could go in the Newsletter, please let Ed know.

There are still problems with PROW, but Christine mentioned Footpath Fettlers, part of the Ramblers Group could help with problems.  Ride Kirklees are maintaining bike tracks in parks to make it safer for the public and keep mountain bikers in one place.  Oakwell Hall helps educate mountain bikers about how to behave.  Patrick Crowley did some work before he was taken ill. 

Thank you to Ed for the newsletter and keeping things going while Tim has been away. 
Thanks to Dave for tea and coffee and Christine for the cake.      
Tools in the Toolstore

Following a request to publish the tools we hold in the toolstore, here is another list of said items. I promise more interesting news in the next edition honest!

Natural Kirklees Toolstores

The Natural Kirklees toolshare scheme uses the same qualifying criteria as the Insurance scheme, namely, it is available to all properly constituted groups who have registered on the Natural Kirklees website ( to become members and agreed to receive our newsletter.

We currently have two tool stores operating, one at Beaumont Park in Huddersfield in the depot near the visitor centre and one at Wilton Park in Batley next to the butterfly house near the Bagshaw Museum.

At both locations there is a wide range of hand tools including Spades, Forks, Rakes, saws, loppers, Scythes, Post Hole Diggers, Mattocks and wheelbarrows (a full list below). These are available to borrow free of charge to members of the scheme so if you have a larger project coming up and don't have the tools you need just borrow them from us or if you are a new group just starting out and find the cost of tools prohibitive just borrow them from us and save yourselves the money.

Please feel free to come along to either location and see for yourself what we have to offer.

 The tool stores are now open by appointment and appointments can be made by e mailing a request to . The tools are then kept for a week or longer if needed by arrangement and returned as arranged.

If you can help out at either store for a couple of hours one week please e mail me and let me know as the more people we have to operate the stores the better it will work and the more choice of pick up and return times we will be able to offer. If every group registered so far did one two hour session per year we could open and man both stores every week of the year.

If you have any questions or would like to visit a store please contact me and I will do my best to help. (


Wire Sweeping Brushes

Wooden Sweeping Brushes

Sledge Hammers

Fan Rakes

Soil Rakes



Planting Spades


Grass Forks

Spirit Levels

Hand Saws

Bow Saws

Folding Saws

Loppers (standard and gear action)

Bolt Croppers

Wire Cutters

Claw Hammers

Hand Scythes (long Handle)

Hand Scythes (Short Handle)

Two Handed Metal Scythes

Grass Hooks

Steel Post Drivers

Rubber Post Mallets

Post Hole Diggers (long and short handle)


Flexi Buckets


Wrecking Bars

Tape Measures (8m)

Tape Measures (100m)

Litter Pickers

Bag Hoops


High Viz Jackets

We appreciate you may look at this list and spot some glaring omissions, please let us know and if funding allows we will purchase non specialist equipment.

It is also possible to take tools out on a longer term loan for larger projects. Please ask for details.

River Holme Connections August Newsletter 

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