Insurance Scheme

NATURAL KIRKLEES¬†INSURANCE SCHEME The Insurance scheme is now live, we have completed negotiations with the brokers and have agreed a suitable level of cover as detailed below; Activities Covered The policy will provide cover for conservation activities such as but not limited to; Litter picking Removal of larger items of rubbish from water courses using […]

Invitation to the Annual Summer Gala

Natural Kirklees and Kirklees Council Parks and Greenspaces team invite you to the¬†second annual Summer Gala. This will be held in Greenhead Park in the great marquee on Sunday 12th August 2018. We would like to invite you and your Group to attend this fantastic networking and¬†showcasing opportunity and are looking for you to bring […]

Friends of Batley Station lead revival of improved station

Friends of Batley Station celebrated the launch of the station revival on 27 May. With hours of volunteer work and support of local business, the improved gateway to the town is an example of increased community involvement in our rail services.