Burton Dean Community Field Trim Trail

Burton  Environment Group (BEG)   Kirklees / Cobbett  Project
The extension of the previous trail and addition of 3 simple exercise
stations was originally funded by Cobbett Environmental Ltd (Landfill site agency) in  2019 with a grant of  10K. This was followed by
grants of £5100 and £1650 in 2020  from Yorkshire Water Board and
£2100 from Kirkburton Parish Council.

Kirklees Officers were involved in consultations, visits and site work
Enso Luckow, Robert Whitaker, Ruth Dodds, Andy Wickham, Rebecca Adey,  Paul Wayne,  John Hewitson, Robert Peaker and Kirklees contractors.
The project was managed / reported monthly by Dan Eustance (fee paid) for Cobbett and the site was managed by Tim Scott for BEG. The work was done by Kirklees playground division with backup from a BEG  sub-group, treasurer and monthly updates at BEG committee meetings.
Over 2000 hours of site work and administration work by BEG members were recorded and minuted at meetings.
As well as ongoing consultations with Kirklees officers and Cobbett(James Horne)  local user groups gave written support, including schools, health centres and sports groups.
At least 200 community users have also signed their support, with
a current footfall of over 400 per week around the trail.
160+ tonnes Tarmac Planings (60 tonnes provided by Kirklees)
80+ tonnes Yorkshire Hardcore
40+ tonnes Derbyshire Hardcore
20+ Posts and Fencing
150 metres drainage piping and culvert drainage.
3 Sets of Wicksteed  Exercise Bars
Signage Posts /Information Boards (Mindlabs Ltd) / Seating.
26 days Equipment Hire – Diggers, Dumpers, Rollers, 1etc

The BDCF Project began in Spring 2019 and will be presented to Kirklees in Spring 2021.
The  published scope of works, as licenced by Kirklees, funded by Cobbett , approved by BEG,  and contracted out to Kirklees with
back up from BEG BDCF sub-group members involved the origin programme plus a repair programme.
The basic scope of works involved a 400 metre hard  trail 1.2 metres  wide with a flail serviced  flat grass edging .of 0-6 metres each side,
three Kirklees recommend Wicksteed  / compact base  Exercise Stations and  appropriate signage and seating.
The YWB repair programme added wider turning areas, an access
track, better drainage and allotment access provision.
1. During this period the programme has had to cope with a year of Covid  – ranging from months of both complete closure and member number restrictions imposed by Kirklees.
2. Record adverse weather, wet ground and working conditions including the wettest Autumn ever, flooding and work day cancelations.
3. The completed project  passed Covet grant inspection in 2019  and then saw the finished  project trails destroyed beyond safe use in Spring 2020 by an unfortunate Yorkshire Water Board sewerage incident involving heavy machinery having to be used at BDCF during emergency flooding.
4 The compensation package of £5100 + £1650 was used to intiate a repair programme during 2020 in order to repair and extend the drainage and pathway trails to accommodate  YWB manhole service
facilities. This has resulted in improved road conditions in Kirkburton.

1. Autumn 2018   Provisional discussion of Cobbett Grant Application, links with Kirklees and BEG Committee proposals.
2. Spring 2019. Initial discusions with Kirklees ( Andy Wickham/Enso Luckow) and community interests.  Original signing of provisional works grants for Cobbett (10K grant)
Jan 25th 2019 Request from Enso Luckow for BEG meeting /sent background material to Andy Wickham /  Robert Whitaker.
3.Mar15th  2019 Meeting with Kirklees (Enso Luckow /Ruth Dodds} and Tim Scott/Peter Taylor/Anna Boden (BEG), Dan Eustance (Cobbett)  Approval given for project details. Need  work licience, suggested target finish of July 31st 2019 (this could be extended if necessary), Ruth Dodds advised BEG to notify  Kirklees on completion in order to transfer project back for insurance liability cover.
4. April 2019 Site visit (Dan Eustance/ Tim Scott/BEG members to
plan implementation of work  shedules/health and safety grids and
arrange material  orders.
5. May 2019. Rebecca Adey (Kirklees) Authorisation of BDCF Work
Licience for BEG members and approved contractors.
6. June 2019  Kirklees requested Tim Scott  to send in recommendations for Kirklees Volunteer Group- Parks and Green Spaces Agreement (Ruth Dodds)
7. July 2019  BEG members work insurance clarification( Andy Wickham/ Mary Kenworthy (Natural Kirklees) Tim Scott. Work on Kirklees land was covered.
8. July 2019  Paul Wayne (Playgrounds)  agreed, on behalf of Kirklees, to take on the project trail and exercise station work as per work schedule previously agreed.  BEG Cobbett grants would pay the previously estimated costs for labour and normal equipment hire.
9. No immediate extension of the work licence was required for Kirklees operatives as the work was as scheduled in the scheme..
10. Kirklees work was delayed on the BDCF due to other committments.
11. Aug 2019  Kirklees work on BDCF.  Site meeting with Paul Wayne, Dan Eustance, Tim Scott and Dan (Kirklees works manager). Advised to leave work construction details to digger team. Andy Wickham site visit to report back to Enso Luckow
12. Tim Scott had detailed conversation with Enso. Required details for Exercise Stations. Kirklees recommended Wicksteed. Kirklees would only cover future use for static equipment.
13. Paul Wayne suggested moving the 3 stations from the lower trail to opposite the allotments.  Construction would be simpler and access safer – agreed.
14. Sept 2019  BEG Community Open Day for completion of Burton Dean Park  and Kirkburton Boule/Petanque  site. Event certified with Kirklees.
15. Further BDCF site visit Paul Wayne, Dan Eustance, Tim Scott.
Maintenance and inspection of trim trail. Exercise stations raised.
The Trim Trail had been constructed to Kirklees standards (as per Kirklees operatives) The Exercise Stations as previous stated should be Wicksteed  static ones with a recommended safety surface (recommend  liquid hot flow by Soft Surfaces Ltd) in order to allow Kirklees to include the site into the playgronds programme.
16. Oct 2019  Follow up discussion with Enso Luckow, agreed completion of project to go ahead. BEG as a token gesture would arrange and pay for the first inspection of equipment (thro Wicksteed)  and he suggested Kirklees ( Finance -John Hewitson) should order the equipment and surface materials at a reduced cost.
17.  Andy Wickham then made the order arrangements, a  six week waiting time was stated.
18. Nov 2019  BEG sub-group  members continued to work on landscaping, covered by Natural Kirklees insurance.
19   Dec 2019  Contractors (Soft Surfaces) completed the Exercise Station work and Cobbett were invited to inspect the Trim Trail in order for the final grant money to be released.
20. Dec 19th 2019  Lynva ( Cobbett), Dan( Project Manager) Tim (Site Manager), Peter (BEG Treasurer) and BEG members were invited to inspect the Trim Trail.  “The area had been transformed positively and environmentally into a great Kirklees  community resource, (thank you)”
The full  BDCF grant monies (approx. 10K) would be released.
21. Spring 2020. After further discussion with Enso Luckow and Andy Wickham an inspection meeting with Kirklees, Cobbett and BEG  was to be arranged, prior to a local community open day in order for the
transference of the site to be completed, as previously detailed in discussions with Enso Luckow and Ruth Dodds.
22. Feb 2020  Unfortunately before the weather allowed this meeting to take place, Yorkshire Water Board had to gain access to the site in order to clear storm sewerage, overflows. Conditions were so bad that, through no fault of their own, the heavy machinery got bogged down around the trail and destroyed much of the previous year’s work.
23. After a requested meeting with BEG members it was negotiated through Tim Scott (Site manager) that a sum of £5100 would be paid as a gesture of goodwill in order for repairs to be made.
24.  This was agreed by BEG, Cobbett and Kirklees as being the best way forward to repair the damage.
25.  Mar 2020. Before Covid restrictions, meetings and consultations were arranged  with major inputs from Kirklees (Enso Luckow /Andy Wickham), Dan Eustance, Tim Scott and a BEG sub-committee.
26. Dan Eustance was appointed as  the BDCF  Water Board Repairs
Project Manager, Tim Scott as Site manager, Kirklees officers as liason workers and the second set of work shedules were produced and approved., based on the original 2019 project.
27   Enso Luckow ,Rebecca Adey, Ruth Dodds and Andy Wickham confirmed that no  new work  licience was required,  as the repairs
project was based on the previously approved submission, the contractors were Kirklees approved operatives, the Water Board has accepted authorisation on Kirklees land and BEG members would be
working as landscape volunteers under  Natural Kirklees insurance provision. The original arrangements for completion transfer would be delayed until the repairs programme was completed.
28.  Enso Luckow  was thanked for all his advice and on- site support and wished a happy ,rewarding and Covid safe retirement.
29.  April / May  Covid lockdown restrictions. Received second grant  (£1650) from Water Board for remedial wide  track work to allow vehicles access to Sewer manhole.
30.  Summer 2020   Some rain disruption.   Started repair work on main track area. Contractor (part time}  Digger /Dumper work on drainage.Cut access track for sewer manhole
Laid replacement tarmac planings on track surfaces
Roller compacting main  track area.
31.  Aug 2020.  BEG  BDCF sub-group construction of Kirklees supplied drainage piping and track bridging for sewer overflow
facility.  Some main track  cross drainage cuttings inserted and
stone filled for wetter areas.
32.  Sept 2020   Water Board Fencing damage repaired. Wooden
post replacements and metal  wire fencing used and final landscaping finished.
33. Autumn 2020  Some full Covid lock down weeks, with  advisory
Trim Trail inspections by Andy Wickham and partly by Julian Faulkner. We thank you for your comments and have acted accordingly.
34.  Nov 2020  As agreed for the first inspection Wicksteed were paid to conduct an independent report on the Exercise Stations. The 3 bars were classified as either LV  (very low) or low (low) which are perfectly acceptable for local authority  community use. The minor
recommendations have already been completed.
35 With the completion of all of the signage /seating and landscaping the Community Trim Trail and Exercise Stations  Project has been fully signed off  by both Cobbett and BEG. We would now ask for Kirklees to arrange a site meeting so that we may fully open these
facilities to the local community.
Thank you
Tim Scott      BEG BDCF Project site manager Jan 2021
M – 07757332119
Ref 1  Wicksteed  Certified Inspection Report.
Ref 2   Brief Photo Record
Ref 3  Sample documents
All  items referred to in this document can be verified in original
BEG documentation or Project Reports.