Beat the Balsam Project 6th – 30th June

Invitation to be part of Beat the Balsam Project with River Holme Connections

This year, River Holme Connections has been awarded funding made possible by players of the Peoples Postcode Lottery to encourage local groups to tackle the problem of Himalayan balsam along their local rivers and streams. Himalayan balsam is an invasive species and can smother local plants and lead to river erosion. Getting rid of balsam takes lots of willing hands – removal requires pulling it up during the summer months then over the course of a few years. We are encouraging people to get together to tackle this alien invader, so that in time, we can make a real difference for wildlife and get outdoors and enjoy our local rivers.

We are writing to ask if you or your group would like to join us for a Beat the Balsam session on any day or evening from 6th – 30th June. We would be looking for your help to arrange for between 10 – 15 volunteers to come along, we will provide all the equipment, a supervisor and relevant health and safety (including DBS check for the leader and risk assessments). Sessions last around 2 hours, and there may be opportunities for the group to do some habitat restoration in the future, planting wildflowers to replace the balsam later in the season.

The group would learn how to identify riverside plants and be given advice to ‘tool them up’ to have the confidence to Beat the Balsam on their own, and find out about volunteering opportunities in the future.

If you would like to know more about the project, please get in touch.

We would love to work with people in your area.

Kind regards,

Kim Warren
Project Officer

River Holme Connections
Millfields House
West Yorkshire
Tel: 01484 925529 / 07532793458